GM Submissions

GM Submissions closed!

Over the course of 48 hours we hope to offer as many sessions of Vaesen as is vaesenly possible, which is where we need your help as a Vaesen GM. From 30 April to 14 May we are accepting session submissions of both published Free League scenarios from the core rulebook, "A Wicked Secret and other Mysteries," and "Mythic Britain and Ireland," as well as scenarios that are a part of the Free League Workshop on DTRPG, and of course your own personal scenario creations.

We've divided the weekend into 8 gaming slots, which allows for 4-hour sessions with a 2-hour break in between in case of overruns and a little down time as well. If you are interested in running a game at VaesenCon 2022 please fill out the form below and we look forward to gaming with you on the weekend of 10-12 June.

We expect all GMs to follow and enforce the Code of Conduct for VaesenCon in their sessions. If there are any problems or concerns during the Con, please direct any issues to the Moderators.

The gaming sessions and postings concerning the session lottery will occur on the VaesenCon 2022 Discord server, so it is necessary for all GMs to join in order to participate. You can join the server by clicking this link. It is possible to run sessions on VTTs, but communication between GMs and Players should be done on the VaesenCon server.