Vaesen Central

Vaesen Central

The Premiere, Fan-Created and Run Discord Server Devoted Exclusively to Playing Vaesen.

With over 100 players and 10 GMs we currently run Vaesen games almost every weekend and some weeknight games in the European Time Zones.

With our shared world within the server, which is branching out into other parts of the Vaesen world, our Society members are encountering Vaesen from Nordic, Slavic, and Celtic folklore. We currently have Society Houses in Upsala, London, and Elk (Poland). The shared world allows players to experience various mini-campaign arcs or stand-alone adventures.

If you're interested in joining the Vaesen Central Discord Server as either a player or as a GM (...ahem, we really like GMs!) drop us a line or follow us on YouTube.

The Vaesen Central Discord Server, though organizing VaesenCon 2022, is a separate Discord server.