VaesenCon 2023 F.A.Q.

How Important is the Code of Conduct?

We have two primary objectives with VaesenCon that are inter-related:

  1. Everyone has fun playing the Vaesen Nordic Horror Roleplaying game; and

  2. 2) That everyone feels comfortable and welcome doing so. The Code of Conduct is one means to help that happen, as such it will be enforced throughout the course of the convention. Enjoy the games, and lets each do our part to help others have the same.

I am new to Vaesen, is this something that I can learn easily and join upcoming games?

Vaesen is based on the Year-zero RPG system. Your player-character has attributes and skills at various "levels" that indicate cumulatively how many d6's you roll. Every "6" you roll is a success. In general one success is enough to succeed in a test and will give you the information needed to proceed in the information.

Sounds fair, but what about the game-mechanics; when do i roll for a skill?

As a new player we recommend to focus on the narrative. Instead of thinking about what skill you want to use and what stat would be the most beneficial, just explain what your character is doing. Often the GM will give you a lot of information out-right and if it really requires some test he will prompt you after your description what you need to roll for. Especially in convention games rules can be slightly bend to enhance the story and gameplay. Remember; the basic idea is to have an immersive and fun evening with people playing a collaborative story-telling game. Winning is participating; not breaking the games with insisting on rules.

As a new player what should I focus on the most?

The more you can bring your character to life, the better. Vaesen, as many other RPG games, works best if the players are invested in their characters. Describing his mood, reactions and thought-processes is elementary, my dear Watson. Instead of spending time on researching lore and play-through's, enjoy the game and submerge yourself in the story-telling.

How does the whole game-signup work for players?

GMs will submit their games in a defined time-period. Once the submission ended we will create the player-signup sheet. There, you can select the games you are interested in playing, and a lottery system will randomly allocate spots to the players. Once the results are posted, players will be notified through mentions on this Discord server about their game-slots in individual threads. As players, you have 48 hrs to respond and confirm your availability to the game before your slot is passed on to the next one in the waiting-list. As of now, we see a significant interest in the convention and we will try to make it as fair as possible for players to join games; unfortunately that is not always the case in a random lotteries. But do not despair; we will have a pick-up game channel open for games announced during the convention you can join.

I feel uncomfortable about certain behavior or comments of the GM or other players!

If that should be the case please let the moderators or admins know immediately! VaesenCon should be a fun and exciting experience for anyone disregarding gender, race or believes. If you feel personally attacked please let us know ASAP. However, Vaesen is a Horror RPG game and can include certain topics you might be uncomfortable with. Please read the content warning provided in the player handbook carefully if this is a setting you are comfortable with.

In game, how do I roll dice and where?

Your GM might have individual preferences on how to roll dice. If you are using Virtual Table Top systems (VTT) they often include dice-rollers coupled to your character-sheet. If you are playing Theater of the Mind (TotM) you have several options: Use your dice, a VTT system or the provided dice-bot in the designated event-table. Please discuss with your GM the preferred method. If you want to use the dice-bot here on the server go to the event-table for that slot and type:

!rv Nd

where N = number of d6 dice you want to roll; note - that you don't have to complete the command with a "6", as it will automatically use the Vaesen-dice. Once rolled your results will be displayed and you have the option to "push" the roll by clicking the arrow-wheel emoji. What pushing a roll means will be explained by the GM.

When can I submit my games as a GM for the Con?

The game submissions for GM's will open 4 March (16:01 GMT | 11:01 EDT) and be available until 25 March (16:59 GMT | 11:59 EDT). After this, please contact the organizers in case you need to make any changes to your submission.

How do I submit my games and where?

The submission for the games will be done through the website (and google forms). We will post the link for game submissions on the discord server and here on our website.

What format do I need to prepare my submission in?

The Form-sheet is quiet self-explanatory; we do need some basic information (email & discord handle) in order to contact you and allow us to get you in contact with your players as soon as possible after the lottery. Some other things you can prepare/think about are: Title, max # Players, content warnings, are pre-gens provided?, if you are using a VTT have the link ready, Description of the scenario, and if you want to include an image for the player-book have a globally accessible link ready.

What to do until the GM signup is available?

We encourage GM's to post games in the meantime on the Discord Server if they want to play-test scenarios or just want to make use of the opportunity of all the players on the server. Further instructions on how to do this can be found in the admin-section of the Discord Server.