Graeme Davis

Graeme Davis started playing D&D in the late 70s and worked for Games Workshop from 1986-90, primarily on Warhammer Fantasy roleplay. He has worked in the games industry ever since and had the opportunity to combine gaming with his lifelong love of folklore as the author of Mythic Britain and Ireland for Vaesen. He has also published a few creatures for Vaesen via the Free League Workshop on DriveThruRPG.

Nils Hintze

Writer of Vaesen and Tales from the Loop, and the upcoming The Walking Dead RPG. Also, The Red Star to the roleplaying game Odd Soot. 

Kiku Pukk

I have been an associate and fan of Free League since the start in 2011. I love working at conventions and have been part of the Free League team at many of them. I grew up reading a lot of folklore and exploring books about Vaesen and have always been drawn to urban fantasy, folklore, modern fairytales and horror so when I was asked to write for Vaesen I was thrilled. I am inspired by the writing of Neil Gaiman, Ursula LeGuin, Naomi Novik and Katherine Arden. In my mysteries "The song of the falling star" and "A winters tale" I have been able also to tell two tales linked to places that have meaning to me and are part of my heritage. I love the interactive nature of writing RPG mysteries , the collaborative story telling that takes place and how the mysteries evolve in ways that are unpredictable when players engage with them and make them their own.  

Andreas Lundström

I am the composer of the official soundtrack for Vaesen and Vaesen Mythic Britain & Ireland. I am also the co-creator of the actual play podcast Sweden Rolls, ENworlds  #1 AP podcast of 2021.

JVC Parry

JVC Parry is a freelance author and self-publisher in the TTPRG industry. He has released several Vaesen supplements through the Free League Workshop on DriveThruRPG, including the best-selling Cornish Vaesen.

Twitter: @jvcparry



Peter Rudin-Burgess

I am an advocate for solo roleplaying and feel that every game should be easy to play, even if you cannot get a group together or you live on a small island and you are never going to get a group together. 

I have been publishing RPG books and zines since for 7 years now under the name of Parts Per Million.

Thomas Boulton

Every now and then I write stuff, but mostly I just like to run games for other people.  I put together the Japanese expansion for Vaesen and I hope to produce more material of a similiar nature.

J.C. Connors

J.C. is a game industry veteran and fan who loves to help fellow GMs run great sessions. He runs the blog, which features over 30 free adventures for various game systems. @SageThalcos on Twitter and @1shotJC on YouTube

Niclas Jareborg

Born again role player, and sometimes GM, from the Society's hometown of Uppsala, with an interest in using RPGs to explore character relationships and social constraints in diverse different settings and realities.
Author of Sáivu, a Vaesen mystery dealing with the mistreatment of the Sami people.

Thomas Bailey

A happy, forever GM of many games and systems as well as a community content creator for Vaesen and Tales from the Loop, in addition he is an organizer for VaesenCon and the creator and an editor for VaeZine.

Ahimsa Kerp

Ahimsa is a linguistic mercenary and peripatetic spec-fic writer who is fond of rambling hikes, RPG/ board games, and tofu tacos. Originally from the Pacific Northwest in the USA, he has since lived on five continents. He is the author of the novels Empire of the Undead, Cthulhu Kaiju, and Beneath the Mantle and the creator of games such as The Chaos Gods come to Meatlandia, Invasion of the Tuber Dudes, Black Blade of the Demon King, Arete, Aquatic Adventures, and more. |