06 - 08 September 2024
- Bridging the Realms - 

A Weekend of Playing Free League's Gothic-Horror Roleplaying Game Online

Calling All Society Members!

Explore the World at VaesenCon 2024

Are You Ready to Face the Horrors that Lurk in the Shadows?

VaesenCon 2024, a one-of-a-kind online convention, invites you to delve into the chilling world of Vaesen, the Nordic Horror tabletop RPG from Free League. From September 6th to 8th, join a community of like-minded players, GMs, and creators for a weekend of:

Lively Panel Discussions: 

Led by experienced game masters, industry experts, and players, these panels will cover a wide range of topics, from crafting terrifying mysteries to exploring the unique mechanics of Vaesen. Register today if you want to become a panelist:

Interactive Workshops: 

Learn from the best and hone your skills with interactive workshops on topics like building immersive settings, creating compelling characters, and mastering the art of storytelling in Vaesen.

A Chance to Connect: 

Network with fellow Vaesen enthusiasts, share your experiences, and forge lasting friendships in a welcoming and inclusive online environment.

VaesenCon 2024 is the Perfect opportunity to:

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to celebrate all things Vaesen!

Visit the VaeZine & Con Discord Server to learn more!

You and your companions in the Society were born differently. You have the Sight - the ability to see what ordinary people cannot. You know that Vaesen have lived beside humanity for untold centuries in an uneasy peace. Not anymore. Rumors spread of kittens born with two heads, streams red from blood, groves lulling children into eternal sleep, fairies dancing through villages, luring the young into the woods to be forever enthralled. You and the other members of the Society must work to reestablish the balance between the two worlds: Vaesen and Humanity. Come and explore this rich world created by Free League, inspired by the art of Johan Egerkrans, and from the minds of the Game Masters